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Please welcome our new Artistic Director: Nicholas Gorne!

Dear BYC Community,

The Bellevue Youth Choirs Board of Directors is pleased to welcome our new Artistic Director, Mr. Nicholas Gorne! After conducting a thorough search, Mr. Gorne stood out as having the experience, ideas, and vision to lead and grow BYC into the future.

As we welcome Mr. Gorne, we also say goodbye to our most amazing Interim Artistic Director, Ms. Melissa Headrick. 

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UK Tour Blog: Day Two


They made it to Edinburgh! After apparently running to the gate, the Touristers made it onto their flight connection from Heathrow to Edinburgh. They're now safely ensconced in the their hotel and are beating the jet lag blues by practicing some of their tour music. 

Today they practice their music and get an early night's sleep, but tomorrow they hit the town and start exploring Edinburgh. 

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UK Tour Day Six


The Touristers spent this morning on the Freedom of the Lakes Cruise with a lovely view of Bowness-on-Windermere. 

In the afternoon we rehearsed with the Amabile Girls' Choir and the Westmorland Youth Orchestra for our combined concert later in the evening. Our "Jacob's Join" potluck dinner gave us the chance to talk with kids from a different background. 

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UK Tour: Day Five


While our fifth day of tour was spent mostly on the bus, we did stop for some adventures! The Touristers visited St Mary’s Church in Ambleside and also spent some time outside - somehow we continue to luck out with sunny weather!

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UK Tour: Day Three


Today's adventure was about exploring Edinburgh and the surrounding Scottish countryside. After a breakfast featuring haggis, the touristers and chaperones embarked on our coach bus. We were taught about "Old Town" and "New Town" Edinburgh from our fabulous tour guide, Hannah, who told us that "New Town" was actually older than "Old Town"  since many of the original buildings there had started to crumble. "New" for Scotland means from the 1700s though - what a comparison between Edinburgh and our hometown of Bellevue! 

We all climbed up Arthur's Seat, an extinct volcano overlooking the city, and some Touristers made it to the top of the peak to see the glorious 360 degree views. We lucked out with some beautiful weather too! 

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UK Tour Day One


Choristers met at SeaTac airport wearing their green "UK Touristers" shirts and wheeling suitcases and backpacks filled with snacks and in one choristers' case, six books for the plane. After checking that everyone had their passports and tour folder with music inside, they stopped for a quick picture. 

"Say fish and chips!" 

"What's that?" one chorister asked. 

Oh, you'll find out! 

Follow along with the touristers as they travel abroad. New posts daily! 

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UK Tour Blog: Day Four


A number of Touristers began the day with Mrs. Headrick by walking through a local park called the Hermitage. Good morning!

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