A message from Jordan: Learning new languages with BYC

Living in such a diverse area means that BYC singers have friends from all over the world, and are already aware of different cultures and languages -- many of them are bilingual themselves! That means that it isn’t a surprise to singers when we program songs in a foreign language. Intermezzo singer Jordan loves to learn new languages! Listen to his thoughts via YouTube.

Through singing repertoire in different languages, singers experience the vast diversity of voices that make up our world. They are taught the importance of learning about other cultures and understanding the stories and traditions of other peoples. Awareness of world cultures is an essential part of our philosophy at BYC - so much so that even auditionees are asked to imitate vocal styles of other cultures in order to join the choirs!

Teaching singers like Jordan how to sing new languages requires well-trained directors and enough sheet music for each child to read. Tuition fees never fully cover these costs, and so we ask for your help to support a child in their pursuit of musical and cultural knowledge. 

Will you make a $100 donation today and cover the cost of a new piece of music? 

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Thank you, and happy holidays!