April is here: can you help BYC?

Dear BYC community, 

First and foremost, we miss you all so very much! The songs, the laughter, the goofiness and the hard work of all of our choristers - it’s not the same without it all. We’re especially sad to have lost the opportunity to share our singers’ music at the two scheduled MainStage performances in March and June. 

This is a difficult time. We’ve heard from so many of you out there about job losses, the struggle of homeschooling while working from home, the anxieties of worrying about the health of older parents and the long-term economic impact of this situation. We, too, are participating in the same slew of emotions, and feel for our community so very much.

In this uncertain time, BYC as a small nonprofit is struggling with the economic impact of the pandemic. Usually we receive tuition today, April 1st. As tuition is the single biggest revenue source for us, the loss of that monthly tuition hits us hard. Meanwhile, expenses such as rent payments and salaries for our executive staff continue as we try to plan for resuming operations in September.

So many of you are not able to give at this time - and we don’t ask you to. However, if you are financially secure and able, we do ask that you think about donating. The average monthly tuition is $137- can you give in this amount? If not, can you contribute $25? 


If you would like to ask any questions of us, offer advice, or simply share how you’re keeping the music alive - please reach out! You are all in our thoughts. 

Stay well! 

Madeleine Stephens
Executive Director
[email protected]

Nicholas Gorne
Artistic Director
[email protected]

BYC Board of Directors
[email protected]
Allison George, President
Bill Brueggemann, Treasurer

Kimberly Hernandez, Secretary
Tulika Dugar, Member-at-Large