GiveBIG 2021


On May 4 and 5 of 2021 BYC participated in GiveBIG, a local fundraising campaign harnessing the power of many to support non-profit communities. Thank you for your support this year!



Today is GiveBIG day one, the first of two days supporting the community through local, online, fundraising campaigns. On this annual day of giving we realize how strong we are when we give together! 

When you make a donation, you contribute to the important work we’ve continued this year — providing music education to young singers in an inclusive, supportive environment. While we’ve been entirely online this season, we’ve produced two virtual choir concerts, the second of which premiered yesterday!

    A screenshot from Renewal, BYC's second virtual choir concert.
    Watch it online here!

    We’re starting off the day with $194 raised by 4 donors – can you help us get halfway to our goal of $3,000 in donations or 20 donors by the end of today? Donate here.

    Thank you in advance for supporting Bellevue Youth Choirs!


    DAY TWO, MAY 4


    Our Board of Directors has been immensely helpful this past year, and for GiveBig all board members have pledged to give! Below is a message from Board President Allison George about how you too can support BYC's work.


    For the last day of GiveBig, can you match our Board’s 100% giving promise? You can also help by forwarding this email to a friend or relative and ask them to donate today!

    As of last night we have reached $875 from 8 donors. Help us make our goal of $3,000 from 20 donors by midnight tonight!


      Thank you for your support! 

      GiveBIG RECAP

      This week BYC had plenty of causes to celebrate. Starting off the week with our virtual concert release and Teams after-party, we went right into GiveBIG giving days on May 4 and May 5.
      Although we didn’t fully meet our goals, we still made $1,790 from 13 donors! That amount supports more than a Premier choir singer’s tuition for one year, more than instrumentalist fees for one concert, or more than a bus for tour!

      Leadership staff Nicholas Gorne, Nathan Shiu, and Madeleine Stephens at the Teams celebration.

      If you didn’t yet get a chance to donate and would like to help us reach our goal of $3,000 or 20 donors – you still can! Our GiveBIG giving page is open all year, as is our online store and Venmo account (@bellevueyouthchoirs). 


        Thank you for supporting BYC and we look forward to sharing more of our music with you soon!