What do people have to say about BYC? Listen to chorister and staff testimonials through the playlist here or below.


Jordan, age 8: "I love singing because it makes your voice higher and you get to sing different cultures' songs."


Ms. Ginger Ellingson, director of the Premier Choir: "I love this group because of the passion and dedication I see in my students. They bring joy and energy and goofiness and enthusiasm...it's a privilege to get to be part of their musical lives."


Talia, age 12: "Singing makes me feel happy, joyful, amazing..it's like a part of me."


Parent of two choristers: Thank you!  You made their first choir rehearsal absolutely lovely, along with [my son's] wonderful teacher. We had a marvelous time learning all the fun things he got to do in his class today.


Tour performances

Hear BYC perform in competitions and on tour. Listen through the playlist here or below.