Congratulations, graduating seniors 2021!

Dear BYC community,

One week ago today we had our last rehearsal of the year and said goodbye to our BYC graduating seniors! Alex Soong, Fornia He, and Abby Meek will all be heading off to colleges on the East Coast next year. We wish them all well as they embark on a new chapter of their lives! 

Below, you can watch a message from Alex Soong and read some thoughts from all three graduating seniors. Thanks to the three of you and we'll miss you! 


Alex, Fornia, and Abby



Favorite BYC Memory: The Youth Choral Festival at Pacific Lutheran University when we performed Taylor the Latte Boy. The whole audience went crazy, it was a really fun performance! Also Premier Choir pizza dinners.
Advice for younger students: If your heart is telling you something, follow your heart and do whatever it tells you to do! It's really important in life to find the things you love. 
Plans for the future: Alex will be attending the Georgia Institute of Tech to study computer science and music. 


Favorite BYC memory: Going to the same ice cream shop three times over two days in Edinburgh during the UK Tour.
Advice for younger students: Prioritize the things you truly care about in your life, and put 100% of yourself into them.
Plans for the future: Fornia will be attending Georgetown University to study nursing.


Favorite BYC Memory: The trip to Scotland and England! 
Advice for younger students: Write down your lyrics for memorization, especially for the songs in English. 
Plans for the future: Abby will be attending PACE University to study forensic science and chemistry.