UK Tour: Day Three


Today's adventure was about exploring Edinburgh and the surrounding Scottish countryside. After a breakfast featuring haggis, the touristers and chaperones embarked on our coach bus. We were taught about "Old Town" and "New Town" Edinburgh from our fabulous tour guide, Hannah, who told us that "New Town" was actually older than "Old Town"  since many of the original buildings there had started to crumble. "New" for Scotland means from the 1700s though - what a comparison between Edinburgh and our hometown of Bellevue! 

We all climbed up Arthur's Seat, an extinct volcano overlooking the city, and some Touristers made it to the top of the peak to see the glorious 360 degree views. We lucked out with some beautiful weather too! 

After the climb up the mountain, we spent some time eating and rehearsing. 

A couple of choristers also stopped by Saint Giles' Cathedral, and look what they found! We're featured on a poster outside the cathedral! 

Tomorrow our director Mrs. Headrick will be taking some kids for a pre-breakfast walk/run/expolore of The Hermitage, a nearby park, before the Touristers head to Saint Giles Cathedral for the first official concert of the tour. Until then, sleep!